ACE-200T Hanging Chain Industrial Drying Line

Equipment Instructions

ACE series industrial oven adopts high-quality raw materials and matched pars for production and effectively dehydrates work pieces needed to be dried with its unique heating system and pre-settable constant temperature.

Complete machine is composed of inner stainless steel chamber, outer stainless steel cover or A3 steel sprayed plastic cover, air equalizing device, organic glass viewing panel, movable lifting door, stainless steel heating device, digital display temperature control and timing devices, etc.

Ventilating system of oven is divided into horizontal ventilation, vertical ventilation and up and down ventilation. It can dry work pieces effectively according to different work pieces of users. The structure of complete machine is compact and it's easy to use, low in noise and has good drying effect, so it is ideal industrial drying equipment.

ACE industrial oven has many uses. In addition to matching ultrasonic washing machine, it can also be used in plastics, electroplating, electronics, optics, hardware, food, etc. to improve the quality and output of products.

Through-Type Tunnel Drying Line

  • Chain over: continues oven drying work pieces under accurate temperature can be widely used in electronics, optics, plastics, hardware, electroplating etc.
  • Drying temperature: Ambient temperature is -250 C constant temperature.
  • Speed regulation way: electronic electrodeless smoothness
  • Heat treatment technology equipment mainly includes: net-belt tunnel through type and chain hanging type