ACE Ultimate Co.,Ltd. has advanced technology and powerful production capacity. It has the ability of design and manufacture. ACE Series ultrasonic cleaning machine are made with advanced technologies, the high-quality electronic element and raw materials. At present, ACE has over 100 products, including various standard products, automatic cleaning line controlled with PLC, touch screen and computer.


  • The definition for quality is meeting the requirements All of brain power, energy and knowledge of the whole company will be used for these requirements with the overwhelming priority.
    We never deliver customers with things that disqualify their expectations.
  • The core of quality system is prevention, not inspection.
  • Item standard must be "zero defect", but not "almost good enough"
  • Quality is judged by "cost for disqualified" but not index.


  • Core value of brand is that it obtains the precious share of consumption market and continuously sustains the company's growth at a lower cost and higher efficiency.
  • ACE brand means keeping production at first class.
  • ACE products are the customer's first choice to produce world-class product and a low cost.


  • Marketing is to provide customer with the best solution.
  • Marketing includes participation to evaluation, design, manufacture, quality inspection delivery, acceptance and after-sale services.
  • The result to marketing is to enable customer get access to the most suitable solution.


  • Service ensures customer's production proceed normally.
  • A service in-time is the best way for re-sale.
  • Quality and service are the most important pillars that hold up the brand.
  • The focus of service is full precaution, timely disposal, right solution, reasonable resource utilization, and good consideration for future.

Applied Industries

Automobile Industrial
Electronic Industrial
Clock and Watch Industrial
Metal Parts Industrial
Optical Industrial
Mold Industrial
Plating Industrial
Medical Instruments Industrial